Michigan Scholarships

Michigan Scholarships

There are certain steps that you should follow carefully to make sure that you get the funding that you deserve, as well as the Michigan scholarships and grants if you are planning on attending college in Michigan. If you are a Michigan resident, there are many different ways to help pay for your college education – especially if you will be attending a school in the state of Michigan. Many can be easy scholarships for Michigan students to apply to and attain because they are all Michigan based with clear cut guidelines and criteria with an easy application process.

Start by filling out the FAFSA. This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and this is where you get qualified to see what federal grants that you are eligible for. This should always be your first step, because other financial aid is usually dependant on the results of this form. This is the first step in finding your Michigan easy scholarships.

Following this, make sure that you enter the contest that is sponsored by the Michigan Education Trust. This contest awards the winner a paid semester of school at a Michigan college or university. This is a true Michigan college scholarship.

Apply for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship. This award is for undergraduate students, and is awarded based on financial need and merit. You must be attending or planning to attend a school in Michigan for this award, and you must take the ACT test before applying as well. This award pays $510 per academic year at a public college or university, or $1610 per academic year at an independent college.

The Michigan Tuition Grant is available for undergraduate students who are attending independent universities or colleges in Michigan. The award will only cover tuition and fees, and is awarded based on financial need. In order to qualify for this award, however, you cannot be pursuing a degree in theology, divinity, or religious education. The maximum award amount is $1610 per academic year.

If one of your parents is a veteran, you can also apply for the Children of Veterans Tuition Grant. The veteran must have been a legal resident of Michigan immediately before entering military service. Additionally, the veteran must have died, have become totally and permanently disabled, or be listed as MIA. The amount of the Michigan grant is $2800 per academic year for full time students, $2100 per year for three-quarter-time students or $1400 for half time students. You can receive the award for up to four academic years, but the total of your award cannot be more than $11,200.

As a resident of Michigan, you are also eligible for the Tuition Incentive Program. This Michigan scholarship program exists for the purpose of encouraging young people to finish high school, and then to attend college. The scholarship in Michigan program will help you to pay for your first two years of college in two phases. Phase One of the program will pay your tuition and mandatory fees at a Michigan community college, public university, or an independent school. Phase Two will pay tuition and mandatory fees for a four year program at a four year school. This program is for low-income students who received Medicaid. These are easy scholarships in Michigan to acquire – if you fit the stated criteria then it’s just a paperwork shuffle.

To fill out the FAFSA form, visit http://www.fafsa.gov. To enter the Win a Tuition Free Semester drawing visit: Michigan scholarships. For more information about the Michigan Competitive Scholarship, the Children of Veterans Tuition Grant, the Tuition Incentive Program, or the Michigan Tuition Grant visit: Michigan scholarships and grants.